About Us

Loginwood Furniture is a company with over 10 years experience in designing and building furniture of lasting value. Our excellent craftmanship and high level of customer satisfaction have allowed us to grow from a small start-up to an furniture industry leader.

Loginwood Furniture uses the latest machine technology and high-quality materials to create custom made modular home and office furnishing. Our large assortment of Bedroom sets, beds, wardrobes, office cubicles, Workstation Tables and other pieces are all made in our factory in Pune. Our furniture is durable, stylish and provides the best available value for money.

We offer convenient payment options in our store or in your home. Delivery is free within Pune City, and we will assemble and install your furniture at no extra cost.

The Loginwood Furniture Mission

We continue to grow and succeed because we deliver extraordinary value and service to our customers. Our aim is to innovate, design and build furniture that gives our customers the finest styles at the most affordable prices. Loginwood Furniture is driven by five core values.

1. Creating a meaningful contribution for our customers.
2. Cultivating community and developing our people.
3. Creating economic value for employees.
4. Responding to change through design and innovation.
5. Living with integrity and respecting the environment.

These values define the Loginwood Furniture difference, and we continually measure our performance against them. Our desire to be the best by doing the best is at the heart of our company culture.

At the Forefront in Ready-Made Furniture

Loginwood Furniture sets itself apart from the competition. All of our products are Indian-made, crafted in our own factory in Pune. We use only top-quality raw materials in contrast to some of our competitors, who use low grade Chinese components. We offer the best prices in the pre-manufactured furniture market. Only Loginwood Furniture offers a 3-year warranty on all furniture and free home delivery for Pune City. Assembly and delivery services are available at nominal charges in other cities.

Our company is committed to establishing long lasting customer relationship built on strength and integrity. Defining who we are and how we are different from other companies is important to us. Our company culture is based on five core values.

Making a meaningful contribution to our Customers.
Cultivating Community, participation and People Development.
Creating economic value for Employees.
Responding to change through design and innovation.
Living with integrity and respecting the Environment.
These values define our differences and give meaning to our work. They begin to describe what we mean by the ‘Loginwood Furniture’ way’. Our future depends on how well we live on these fundamental values. As we do business in an increasingly competitive environment, will our deeds match our words? We believe that if these values become second nature to us and guide our actions, we will deliver extraordinary values to our customers, and if we make a meaningful contribution to their business and their lives, we will grow and thrive. We at Loginwood Furniture are spirited, friendly and professional in business, making us the easiest Company to do business with.

The Loginwood Furniture are having their own latest & Imported CNC machineries all World Class brand like Homag – Germany, SCM Group – Italy, Champfond – Taiwan , Vitap – Italy.

List of Machineries:

CNC Panel Saw 3 Nos.
CNC Universal Edge binding 3 Nos.
CNC Boring & High Speed Route 3 Nos.
CNC Processing Center HC X 50 1 Nos.
Optima (Membrane Machine) With Dust Collector
Drilling Machines 3 Nos.
Other Tolls & Gigs in sufficient quantities.
2mm Edge Binding Machine 2 Nos.
2mm Edge Binding Rounder Machine 1 Nos.
2mm Manual Edge Binding Machine 2 Nos.

The basic raw material used in the manufacturing of furniture is Commercial Ply, Particle and MDF Boards.These material we import from Italy, Germany, Spain, Malaysia, and Thailand.
To keep in pace with latest technology in Furniture Industry ,We are also using PVC foils which We Import from European Countries to give better and attractive finish to the furniture.
We are using all Top brands of Hardware like Hettich, Hafele & Combo etc for durability of our products.

Our competitive edge is our ability to provide high volumes and flexibility in style, while maintaining a quality product backed by excellent service.